Rushers is the platform for riders and couriers who
set their own price

The new app that connects independent delivery drivers, companies and their customers.

Join the Rushers

you could earn up to


in 7 days with an average delivery rate of 3€

find out how to fix your delivery price


You are in charge!

You choose when, where and with whom to collaborate. What's more, you receive immediate payment for orders delivered in cash.

You've never seen anything like it!

Why is

good for you?

Differences between a
Rusher and a Rider


Set your delivery price


No one decides how many orders to show you, the more competitive you are with your price, the more chances you have to deliver


You have full freedom to choose the companies you collaborate with


cash in!

Unlimited earnings

If you make a delivery with cash payment, the money goes straight into your pocket.

Being a Rusher creates value

Take care of your appearance and your interpersonal skills for extra income. Because in addition to delivery costs there are also the tips.